Rebecca + Jean COVID Beach Elopement

Rebecca posted in a Facebook group looking for a wedding photographer and I commented my information on her post along with 50+ other photographers. I was shocked to hear from her since I wasn’t the first to comment. We set up a video call so I could get to know them as a couple, and I totally fell in love with their energy.

Rebecca must have told me about 1000 times how Jean was her soulmate. It was so obvious how much these two belong together and the love that they share.

We got along great and I was so excited they hired me for their backyard wedding. It was right up my alley.

But then COVID happened. That didn’t stop them though, they changed their plans and eloped at the beach.

The day of their elopement it literally rained ALL day and Rebecca and I were obsessively checking the weather app on our phones. As it came closer to sunset, the rain let up and they had the most beautiful sky and sunset. It was absolutely perfect.

They do say rain on your wedding day is good luck!!

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